The Barbarian Workout

Compound sets have to be one of the most effective training techniques ever invented, short, sweet, and intense. The shorter ROM seen in the Sumo Deadlift effectively reduces an individual's total work, theoretically allowing her/him to lift more weight. Because the stance in conventional is a lot smaller, the bar has a greater distance to travel from start to finish, which is generally more taxing (but not always). Quadriceps muscle activity seems greatest in the order sumo > conventional > stiff-legged but is not affected by the use of a weightlifting belt. You don't have to exclude sumo deadlifts if your primary method is pulling conventional.

You push out against your shoes more in the sumo than conventional, so I prefer something grippy and high top. In formalized training there are two basic ways to perform a deadlift, the sumo deadlift and the conventional deadlift. This means that even if you have poor levers for the conventional deadlift, you may still benefit more from it. There is no point in doing an exercise solely to get better numbers unless you compete. Deadlifts are the most underutilized speed exercise in the entire football training world.

Even though squats and deadlifts are known as mainly leg exercises, you can no doubt expect your whole body to grow. Inexperienced lifters often view the deadlift as a standing leg press while holding a barbell. Like sumo dealidfts, these work best for strength gains and reps should be limited to 6 or under. If you're a conventional deadlifter, incorporate some sumo deadlifts to your program so you can work on your hip strength. To perform a rack pull, place a loaded barbell in a squat rack at just below knee-height.

Comparing the effects of deadlift technique, Escamilla et al. (2002) found that the sumo deadlift style displayed greater quadriceps muscle activity than the conventional deadlift style. And here's a video of my friend Mike Tuchscherer Deadlifting about 300kg at the StrongLifts London 2014 seminar. I've actually gone back to doing romanian with lighter weight, concentrating on form and using the top as the starting position and not over extending.

Most people are not suited to deal with spinal shearing, largely due to weakness in the lats, midsection, glutes, and hamstrings. That can get tricky, so watch the video below for a detailed description on what to think about when doing a deadlift. Conversely, a bodybuilder is more likely to choose to perform a conventional deadlift, because the crux of the stress of the lift is placed on the back (and bodybuilders generally want to use deadlifts to improve their back mass and strength).

Deadlift technique (sumo vs. conventional) and the use of a weightlifting belt do not affect erector spinae muscle activity. Speaking one day with Pavel about my dilemma he made a suggestion I give Zercher lifts a try. Comparing the effects of deadlift technique, Escamilla et al. (2002) found no differences in muscle activity between sumo and conventional deadlift styles.

They noted that this was likely because of the non-significantly greater external hip moment arm length in the straight bar deadlift compared to the hexagonal bar deadlift (21.4cm vs. 14.5cm). I am new to sumo deadlifts, but have been using them to assist with my conventional DL. Thanks for breaking down the technique, I have been treating them as a conventional deadlift with a wider stance, no wonder conventional deadlifts I suck at them! However, gastrocnemius muscle activity is greater in the conventional style deadlift than in the sumo style deadlift.

Saturday is often a lighter day where you can work on technique or use bench press variations, such as partial movements, incline bench presses or the military press. The reason behind this is that deadlifts enable you to develop strong muscles that support the joints. In fact, strength and conditioning coach, Mike Boyle , refuses to do conventional deadlifts with his athletes.

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