Flexible People, How Long Will It Take Me To Do The Splits? (Also How Do

You can't actually call that a split since your back leg is bent - splits are supposed to be straight legs. You slide down into the splits position until the stretch reflex causes you to tense up. However, instead of relaxing as you do in waiting out the tension you do the complete opposite and deliberately contract your hip muscles and hamstrings even harder than they already feel (Yes you got it) just as the how to do the splits tension hits your body you slowly and deliberately increase it by contracting your whole body but paying particular attention to the muscles you want to stretch and tense them.

Because if you where being really good and concentrating earlier you will remember that the stronger your hip muscles and hamstrings are in the extreme position that the splits requires the less chance there is of the stretch reflex kicking in and contracting your muscles to act like breaks and stop you from going any further. Basically at this stage of you 6 weeks to splits plan it's time to step up to the plate and be a man.

The third reason is that when it is time to start practicing isometrics whilst in the splits position you will find it a lot easier to maintain your balance with the back foot pointing towards the side. Unless you are very flexible and can already get so low down in the splits how to do the splits that you can place your hands on the floor I recommend that you place a chair on each side of you to hold on too. Your front leg will remain straight as it slides but your back leg will normally begin to bend at the knee involuntary as you get nearer to your maximum splits position. Perhaps the most difficult week of the program because many people feel their progress is stagnating.

Keep in mind that to succeed you must stretch every day and remember that above all else perseverance is what winners are made of. Keep your right leg where it is and place your left leg straight out your left side, toes pointed, as if you were doing the center splits with your left leg. I found it helpful to get into the lunge position and slide back as far as I could into the splits until I finally got there. I can already do the right leg splits flat and nearly middle but i want to get further down in middle and left leg. And previously whenever I do my splits I used to do 5 sets of 20seconds for each leg. I recommend keeping a journal and writing down how much you stretched every day.

If you feel you need a day off cause you're feeling sore, or that your connective tissue needs to recover, then take a day off! Personally, so far I like following this sun salutations video cause it warms up many of the same things we need to stretch for the splits. The following is a great exercise for your adductors (inner thigh muscles) that can be used in conjunction for your splits. So, just because someone has the flexibility to do the splits, doesn't mean they can pull themselves out of the splits.

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